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Using personalised blends of essential oils


Using a personalised blend of quality aromatic oils, essential oils have three distinct modes of action with regard to how they inter-relate with the human body: pharmacological, physiological and psychological. The pharmacological effect is concerned with the chemical changes which take place when an essential oil enters the bloodstream and reacts with the hormones and enzymes etc; the physiological mode is concerned with the way in which an essential oil affects the systems of the body, whether they are sedated or stimulated etc; the psychological effect takes place when an essence is inhaled, and an individual responds to its smell. It is not simply the aroma which is important in aromatherapy but also the chemical interaction between the oils and the body, and the physical changes which are brought about.

Treatment options: 60 mins ~ £35

                                   90 mins ~ £45

Swedish Massage

A popular soft tissue massage treatment which can be applied to invigorate or relax!

Treatment options: 60 mins ~ £35

                                   90 mins ~ £45